Opening day.
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Opening day.

Consume Less

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, someone is always pushing something down our throats. Buy this! Eat that! You NEED these new kicks! I fall victim to it regularly, but when is it enough? When do you fulfill your appetite? When can you safely say you’ve consumed enough? I’m trying to slowly work my way to that point. You don’t NEED or even actually WANT half of this shit. Consume less. Use more of what you have. Appreciate the things that aren’t monetary in value.

Always stay busy.

Taken with Instagram
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Taken with Instagram

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Hey, The Artistic Insanity, a company I own, released a line of tees today. I think they’re pretty cool. We’ve received a lot of feedback so far and people like the products. Let’s make a deal? You check out our lookbook ( ) and if you see something you like, you go here ( ) and buy it. If not, its no biggie. Thanks for checking it out either way. I’d appreciate reblogs and feedback.  Don’t forget to checkout our video when you get a chance ( ) Thanks in advance guys.


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The Artistic Insanity presents Pre-Series 1.0
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Norman family.
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Norman family.

@typical_g & @ArtisticInsanit
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I'm Pheno. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Artistic Insanity is my main project.