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Interview with Robert I. Brown

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this post for quite some time now, I wanted to do the young man justice. I didn’t want to make him feel as if I wasted his time, but now it feels right. Enjoy.

One day I was scrolling through the various style blogs I check religiously and I ran across a blog that recommended his, but I shrugged it off. Next, I was on the Details magazine website and saw that they had a guest blogger. I decided to stop by and see what this man had to offer. His posts were short, concise, but at the same time, detailed and informational. After finishing the article, I discovered that this was the same man who wrote for the blog I arrogantly decided not to read. Well obviously, I quickly reconsidered and decided to give it a look and my mind was blown. After getting in contact with Mr. Robert I. Brown, the afore-mentioned man, he agreed to give me an interview.


Pheno: When did you become so interested in Men’s style?

Robert I. Brown (RIB): When I was fifteen, I began to change my way of dressing. I finally realized how I was limiting my creativity to just a T-shirt and a pair of denim. I set out to purchase menswear magazines like GQ, Details, and Esquire and I used their expert advice and began the process of developing my own style.

Pheno: That’s a very young age for such a huge change. Would you say you’re pleased with the final result?    

RIB: I’m pleased to a certain extent. While I am not the best-dressed man on Earth, I strive to improve my personal style by breaking the rules of sartorial dress. I’m not ashamed to say I’ll never pleased. 

Pheno: Interesting to say the least. Your blog is all about men’s style. How did you feel when Details Magazine approached you about being a guest blogger?

RIB: Correct. It was almost unreal, because I got an e-mail from the magazine’s online editor, and it came from nowhere. I was ecstatic about the huge opportunity.    

Pheno: Where were you when it happened?

RIB: It took place at school while I was at lunch.     

 Pheno: That’s crazy. Not a regular school lunch I imagine?

RIB:Actually, it was. Maybe a little crazy in the sense that I was smiling from ear to ear at a celluar device.

Pheno: Ahh. That’s completely understandable. What are your plans for the next 5, 10 and 15 years?

RIB: As I like to live day by day, I’ll do five. I see myself in college, preparing to build my menswear boutique. New York is the current goal.    

Pheno:  Why New York?   

RIB: I’ve always looked at New York as a place for the ambitious, and only those who work hard and consistently will survive. I would like to be a part of that fast-paced atmosphere. From images from sites like The Sartorialist, I look and see nothing but individuals who express themselves through dress with ease and they do it comfortably. That’s something I truly admire; one day, I will be joining them.    

Pheno: That’s quite admirable. Honestly, you’re 16 years old. Ahead of the curve and clearly not afraid to stand out. Why?     

Thank you. Seventeen now, since April 30th. I strongly think being yourself is key. There are always people who are going to be judgemental. It’s still important to do what you’d like - from the way you’d like to live to how you would like to dress. It’s all up to you. I encourage every person to stand out and be the difference, because being like someone else is unnecessary.  

Pheno: Those sound like words to live by. Thanks for the interview Robert. It was a pleasure.

RIB: No problem. I’d like to thank you for considering me, sir.



He runs a neat space, clearly is years ahead of his classmates and has the art of being a gentleman mastered. After several conversations with this young man, I can honestly say I’ll be shopping at that menswear store in no time at all. I mean, hell, he’s already been published in Complex Magazine by age 17. I expect great things from the sartorial prodigy.


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