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Here We Go Again

Every single year Michael Jordan and Nike cause mayhem by releasing a very popular model of his shoe around the holiday season. You see the tweets, statuses and hear the conversations about how the shoes are a must have for any real sneakerhead. You see the “I hope they paid their bills first” side of the argument. I guarantee you hear the “Michael Jordan is selfish and only wants money” spiels every year, but realistically who’s to blame for the madness?

The answer is, well, you. YOU hype up the product, YOU speak about them for hours on end, and YOU stand in line for the shoes. Idealistically, Jordan would make more than enough pairs of shoes that would be easily accessible and priced accordingly. Alas, we don’t live in an idealistic world, do we? We inhabit a capitalistic society where greed is the main factor for generally everything we do. Spend less, get more. Its all about ME. I’ve never understood how Michael Jordan can be blamed for doing what any other red-blooded American would do. Personally, if you’re willing to pay $200+ for his shoes, why is he to blame for the price? Consumers have set the precedent that no matter the price they’ll spend. Demand is high and supply is relatively low, if it were up to me, I’d charge more than he’s charging until it was proven people wouldn’t buy the shoes. I’m no different than Jordan. Last year, when he released the Cool Grey 11’s, I bought 4 pairs and sold them all and made a profit of about $500-$600. This is in no way to boast, but to show that I too have capitalized on others desires for my personal greed. Honestly, looking back, I wish I’d have bought more. 

I say all that to say this, before you judge others for their purchases this holiday season, leave them alone. Their priorities and preferences for the most part in no way affect your personal being, so why be so interested or emotionally involved in them with unnecessary comments? Doesn’t sound so intelligent now does it? If its within that person’s means to buy the product, let them be and keep the judgmental thoughts for yourself.


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