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As of right now, that last post is just a prototype.

In the words of Dom Kennedy, “I’m still lookin’ y’all”

That Feeling

I get this feeling knowing about something or someone that’s so dope but very few people know about it. This feeling is euphoric. There’s something about that feeling.  For example, I’ve had a likening towards Wiz Khalifa’s music since “Say Yeah”. Before Kush & OJ was released, I was still avidly listening to “Flight School” & “How Fly with Curren$y”. When I first got Kush & OJ, it was just another Wiz mixtape to bump until the album would be released. Deal or No Deal was ok, but I knew he had more in store. However, after its release there seems to be an abundance of Wiz Khalifa fans as well as Curren$y fans. Much to my dismay, I logged onto my Facebook, which I had deactivated because it was a distraction, I saw all of these Kush & OJ posts…it was sickening. I remember that feeling when someone would ask what I was listening to and I’d say “Dom Kennedy - Of All Time” and they’d be like “Who?!?!” and my response was always “Give it a while. You’ll know who I’m talking about in a year.”  The best part was that it always came true. Now, you’re listening to my favorite artists with no respect for the music and its disgusting.

There’s always that downside to the feeling. It’s the feeling I get when everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Its like sitting on the front row of anempty stadium watching you’re favorite artist and you’re the only one around. Then it seems suddenly you’re fighting for a balcony seat. I hate that. No, I loathe that feeling. How could you come in and disrespect all the hours of research and listening I’ve put in and then try to tell me you know about (insert favorite artist/clothing line/anything that means something to you)!?!? For me, that blank is always filled with music or fashion. I mean honestly, am I allowed the right to get mad? I wasn’t like I was the first person to ever hear it, but I still feel like I can get mad. Its not just music to me. Its a way to get lost in the sound of the harmonies that put me in a place that’s simply indescribable.

When that feeling gets tampered with, its annoying. Until I find that next thing, so I suppose I’m always looking for that next thing. I’ll probably scroll across some page looking for new music and I’ll find it, then so will the rest of the world and the feeling will be gone. It’s a never ending painful cycle, but would I change it?

Not for the world.


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