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Hey, The Artistic Insanity, a company I own, released a line of tees today. I think they’re pretty cool. We’ve received a lot of feedback so far and people like the products. Let’s make a deal? You check out our lookbook ( ) and if you see something you like, you go here ( ) and buy it. If not, its no biggie. Thanks for checking it out either way. I’d appreciate reblogs and feedback.  Don’t forget to checkout our video when you get a chance ( ) Thanks in advance guys.


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She cries into her pillow tonight

Eyes flowing like the Nile because of their latest fight

He won’t respect her, because she doesn’t realize what a queen she is

I’m not saying she’s Cleopatra,

But even with a picture her beauty can’t be captured

Sadly when she looks in the mirror all she sees

Is the scars of past relationships that still bleed

She’ll do anything to keep him

Even if it means carrying his seed

Because his love she “needs”

So I suppose his love is her drug

She lives for his very touch

Although the relationship is best described as rough

She’s so in love, but he’ll easily leave for a stronger lust…

So now she’s heartbroken again,

To her Wale’s “Diary” sounds like an all too familar trend

His apologies he’s sent have been rescinded

She still believes without him there’s no mean to her heartbreak’s end

Brother after brother have offered invitation for her company

But no one is allowed in because of the one she simply refers to as “He”

So we can’t be because of “He”

Finally she finally opens up

I soon realize I’m now in the business of construction

Trying to repair years of unnecessary corruption

My tools are nothing more than a hammer of hope with a silver handle of seduction

However I’m up to the task

Determined to make this relationship last

And let her past, be just that, her past

Until finally her pain is surpassed

And she can think about He and simply laugh


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