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The Latest Heartbreak

Tears fall to the concrete from a 5’4” slender frame
The latest heartbreak,
Spurns from a mouth well too versed in the arts of deceit, manipulation & fabrication.
Her rage has made her uncontrollable and inconsolable.
Her demeanor which could usually be likened to that of a carefree individual has become insufferable. 
The mornings seem all too dismal
At night she inhabits the dank & dark corners of her mind’s repressed memories
No matter how many times the sun has graced her presence she still prefers to cry alone in the moonlight.
The “he aint shit” and “that’s his loss” mantras have lost their meaning
As they tell her nothing she doesn’t already know
She read, “My heart only seems to function after its been completely shattered.”
The reality of that simple quote shakes her to her very core
Her mind races constantly with questions that seemed destined to push her towards the brink of insanity
Deborah Cox’s “How Did You Get Here” has become the epitome of her entire being
And thus, the next try at love will only bring back the scorn of lovers’ past.
Leading her to cradle all her fears and insecurities
But regardless of the fortress of mistrust, they always find a way to become the latest heartbreak.


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